Vast Reserves. Strategic Location. On-Site Processing.

The acquisition of the world renown Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company (LCN) reserve, has enabled Lehigh Anthracite to implement a new mining plan and to invest extensively in new mining equipment and on-site infrastructure. Lehigh Anthracite has also upgraded the preparation plant on one of the nation’s richest anthracite reserves. That facility includes on-site testing capabilities, and all of our freshly mined anthracite coal is tested as it is produced.

The results:

  • On-site testing makes test results available in hours rather than the days an outside lab requires
  • Quality is easily and quickly adjusted to meet customer specifications

Timely deliveries:

  • Over ¼ mile of railroad track leads directly to the processing plant
  • Can stage 53 rail cars at once
  • Can load 103 cars in a few hours