Retail Bagged/Bulk Coal

Anthracite Coal Fact Sheet

  • Sold in bulk or in 40lb bags
  • Reliable heat source at a competitive price
  • 1 Ton Coal= ~25,000,000 BTU
  • To achieve the same BTU content with other fuels:
    • ~180.5 gallons heating oil
    • ~24,224.8 cubic feet of natural gas
    • ~273.7 gallons of propane
    • ~1.6 ton of wood pellets
  • Lehigh Anthracite’s Coal is mined, processed, and tested for quality and accurate sizing daily on site.
  • Ultra-low volatile content, low ash content, and low sulfur content contribute to a high carbon content. High carbon anthracite coal provides a long, hot burn.
  • No smoke and very little emissions

BTU Data for other heat sources calculated from information obtained from: