Corporate Citizenship

Being a Good Corporate Citizen.

When Lehigh Anthracite started operations, the site had undergone hundreds of years of mining and significant environmental challenges existed. Certain mine pits had never been reclaimed or were not bonded.

Lehigh Anthracite is well on the way to reclaiming the approximately 8,000 acres of land on the site. Since beginning operations in 2011, Lehigh Anthracite has made a significant improvement to the watershed through various reclamation projects. One such project is the Slum Creek Restoration Project. This project removed nearly 300,000 tons of waste coal that had been leaching into nearby streams. Lehigh Anthracite worked closely with Pennsylvania DEP, EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers to make this project a success.

In carrying out its reclamation efforts, Lehigh Anthracite works with Robindale Energy Services, Inc. Robindale Energy has a strong environmental record reclaiming old waste coal sites which eliminates acid mine drainage and restores streams and rivers to health. That same commitment to responsible mining is at the core of Lehigh Anthracite’s values.

Today, the site has been bonded, mine pits are being reclaimed, and the watershed is being restored to its natural state.

Our Environmental Pledge. 

Lehigh Anthracite takes seriously its commitment to stewardship of the land it mines and reclaims. This commitment flows naturally from Robindale Energy’s involvement at the site, as Robindale is the largest waste coal reclamation company in the United States. Lehigh’s first project at the site involves reclaiming and restoring a mine that is 1½ miles long, half a mile wide, and 800 feet deep. Lehigh is filling this pit with 10 million cubic yards of soil. Lehigh will also then plant and reseed the site to complete the reclamation effort.

Lehigh constantly reclaims and restores land as it is mined, bringing it back to original contour with grading, filling, seeding and replanting.

Our Community Pledge.

Lehigh strives to be a good neighbor to the communities surrounding its operations in many different ways.

First, Lehigh hires locally, and has brought close to 100 direct jobs to the area. These are good jobs where employees are treated well and compensated well for their skills. Second, Lehigh supports many local causes and charities such as: Toys for Tots, World War II Memorial–Coaldale, PA, Pennsylvania Amvets Post 1–McAdoo, PA, Coaldale Lions–Coaldale, PA, Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital for Leukemia, Tamaqua Area Community Partnership, Near Life Assembly–Tamaqua, PA, and many more. Finally, Lehigh works with community and environmental groups to preserve and enhance both the land on which it operates and the surrounding watershed.